International photojournalism festival VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE


‘The Photographers’ Weekend’

Date: 2 October, SATURDAY 2021


Place: National Gallery of Art

Konstitucijos ave. 22, Vilnius



A G E N D A (preliminary)


10.30  – 17.30 Conference ‘PhotoJournalism Boundaries’ 



10.30  – 13.30 

Mads Nissen

Luis Antonio Rojas 

Bernhard Poscher nuo 

Mohammed Badra

Alexander Vasukovich 

Valery Melnikov 


13.30 – 15.00 Lunch time


15.00  – 17.30 

Alexey Pavlov

Allison Hess

Elena Kalyuzhnaya 

Svetlana Bachevanova



18.00  – 19.00 Night slide show with the Awards Ceremony



Presentation times are subject to change.


General sponsor of the festival "Vilnius Photo Circle" - FUJIFILM Lithuania

"Vilnius Photo Circle" Festival is funded by the Lithuanian Council of Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.

Sponsors and partners of the festival "Vilnius Photo Circle": EPSON,, Best Western Vilnius Hotel, Lithuanian National Museum of Art / National Gallery of Art, National Association of Journalists creators, JSC „CoFinansai“. 

The "Photographers' Weekend" events will take place in accordance with the procedures (restrictions) in the country at that time.
Recordings will be made during the events: filming, photography, sound. Created recordings can be made public. By participating in the event, you agree to be seen in the photos or video of the event and are informed that these photos or video or audio may be made public latter or broadcasted live.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vilnius,
Lithuanian Press Photographers Club
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