Passengers from Moscow get a realistic picture of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Passengers from Moscow get a realistic picture of Russia’s war in Ukraine

An exhibition of photographs of Russia’s war in Ukraine opens on the platform of Vilnius railway station, where transit trains running from Moscow to Kaliningrad Region and back stop. The aim is to focus the attention of Russian citizens to the Russian government’s war against Ukraine and to encourage them not to remain indifferent.

Lithuanian railway company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) together with the Lithuanian Press Photographers Club selected a total of 24 photographs reflecting the reality of war. The photos are displayed at a height where they can be seen by passengers on a transit train travelling from Moscow to Kaliningrad Region and back.

“This exhibition aims to spread the word about the war waged by the Russian government. We have selected images that emotionally convey the grim reality faced by the people of Ukraine. With this exhibition, we want to spread the message widely that there is no escape from reality in a free country. We would like to thank both our colleagues Mila Teshaieva (, Maxim Dondyuk ( and Evgeniy Maloletka ( who sent us photos from the hottest spots Kyiv and Mariupol and the film director Evaldas Kubilius for the idea of this exhibition,” – says Jonas Staselis, President of the Lithuanian Press Photographers Club.  

“We are grateful to other participants of the ‘Vilnius Photo Circle’ International Photojournalism Festival Mads Nissen, Oscar B. Castillo and Antti Yrjonen for submitting photographs for this exhibition. For the first part of the exhibition the "heaviest" photos from the front lines are displayed,” – said Jonas Staselis. A photo series about the events in Maidan and the consequences of the first Russian aggression in the Donbas by Maxim Dondiuk and Evgeniy Maloletka were exhibited at the 'Vilnius Photo Circle" Festival in previous years.

“We see great sense in using the LTG’s space to host an exhibition reflecting the Russian government’s war against Ukraine. We would like to thank our partners, the press photographers, who willingly and gratuitously contributed to this initiative. Today Ukraine is fighting for its freedom at a heavy price and needs the support of all of us. This exhibition is a symbolic part of such support”, – says Egidijus Lazauskas, the CEO of LTG.

Transit trains run daily from Moscow to Kaliningrad Region and back. There are also transit trains from Adler and St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad Region and back. 

The trains are to slow down every time when passing Vilnius railway station so that passengers could see the photo exhibition. On average 100 transit trains per month pass to and from Kaliningrad taken together.

Keleiviams iš Maskvos – tikrieji Rusijos karo prieš Ukrainą vaizdai


Pictures by: Olga Posaškova and Martynas Ambrazas