17th International Festival of Photojournalism VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE

Dear Colleagues,

Lithuanian Press Photographers Club is pleased to announce the 17th International Festival of Photojournalism VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE.

A PHOTOGRAPHERS’ WEEKEND will be held in Vilnius in Fall of 2023. It will consist of presentation of the Festivals’ finalists and the award ceremony for the winners, as well as a conference The Boundaries of Photojournalism.


The main part of the festival VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE is the Contest THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Press photographers from all over the world are eligible to apply, but note that Festival's contests accept only photo stories. This Contest is the flag-bearer of the Festival, aimed at promoting the real essence and meaning of photojournalism. The photo story must consist of between 5 and 16 pictures created in the past 5 years (2019 - to date). The best five to seven photo stories selected by an international jury will be exhibited during the Festival and published in the journal Photo Circle. 


Our main sponsor FUJIFILM has provided the first prize for The Circle of Life contest. The winner will receive a Fujifilm X-T5 and FujinonXF18-55 kit.


THE DEADLINE for The Circle of Life Contest is 30 JUNE 2023 (23.59 CET)
Please register to upload images online at http://contest.photocircle.lt/en (please copy this address and paste it to the browser if it doesn‘t open directly). 
A participant can submit two photo stories for this contest. One photo story can contain up to 16 photos. The description of the series must be provided as the caption of the first picture. Pictures (for upload) must be JPEG with captions in their respective File info fields completed using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Photo Mechanic. The long edge of the picture must be between 3000 - 4500 pixels, JPEG file no bigger than 4,5 MB.


Festivals’ VILNIUS PHOTO CIRCLE Contest HOMEWORK – for photographers under 30 years old (born 1993 or latter) – will also be organised. Pictures upload will be announced in the middle of June.


For the participants of all contests we offer the guidelines of the World Press Photo (WPP): Entry Rules, Code of Ethics and description of manipulation. The guidelines are for the photojournalism Festival and the contest. Participants may be asked to present additional information and files for the Contest Verification Process. In the Contests, only pictures created since 2019 are eligible, unless they are part of a long-term project, then the case is going to be examined separately. 

Photographers whose pictures are exhibited during the Festival and published in the Photo Circle journal are going to be provided with a free two-night stay in Vilnius during the Photographers’ Weekend

For the nominees of The Circle of Life Contest (at least four people) and the nominees of the Homework Contest (at least two people) organisers will cover their travel expenses up to 200 Euros (tickets must be booked only by the organisers). 

The organisers of the Festival have the right to exhibit the selected works during the Festival and publish them in the Photo Circle journal without paying a fee to the author (or/and a third party). All possible income from the sale or subscription of the journal will go to the Festival’s education programme. Presenting their works for the Contest, photographers express their acceptance of these terms of participation in the Festival. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: photocircle@pressphoto.lt or mobile phone +37069921807


Looking forward to seeing you in Vilnius,
Lithuanian Press Photographers Club

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