The International Photography Contest “The Reflections Of Living Earth“ 2019


                                                            THE  REGULATIONS


                                          “THE REFLECTIONS OF LIVING EARTH“2019



                                                    I. Objectives & Organizers


No one can be indifferent to the problems of nature. In order to withhold the destruction of our nature, air, water and land pollution, to  enhance the responsibility for the fate of our earth and ourselves and to draw the attention of all the mankind to the environmental problems surrounding us, Mazeikiai District Municipal Department of Environmental Protection, Personal and Public Health, Klaipeda Department of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers, Museum  Mazeikiai    and the Photo Club of Mazeikiai is arranging the XIII   International   Photography Contest “ The Reflections of Living Earth“  2019   


                                                    II.  Themes


  • Human impact on the environment (positive, negative);
  • Land, waters, fauna, flora;
  • Human exposure to the world around us;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Ecological problems;
  • The nature that surrounds us.


                                                    III. Contestants & Contest Procedures


All involved and interested in photography may participate in the Contest i.e.: professional photographers, photo reporters, amateur photographers and others.
Photographs must be taken in the years 2010-2019 .
All photographs should be sent in digital format (the resolution must be sufficient to print a photo in A3 format). The size of the file should not exceed 5 MB. The photographs must be submitted in JPG format, long side minimum - 2500 pixel, long side maximum - 3000 pixel, 300 dpi. Please note that we are not able to make any photo corrections.
Each contestant can submit up to fiveentries, the theme of the series can be chosen (a maximum of 5 photographs in a series).


All photographs must be submitted via email to:; or a CD-DVD (V.Burbos g. 9, LT-89218, Mažeikiai, Lietuva (LITHUANIA) , may be mailed by 1st May, 2019.  


The contestants must submit the following data:

1. Name, surname;

2. Age;

3. Home address;

4. Phone number;

5. Theme or subject of the photograph (the series).


The contestants will be evaluated in two age groups:

1. Aged 20 and below;
2. Aged 20 and older. 


The organizers have the right to use the received photographs in the Catalog of the Contest, also for advertising purposes without paying any royalties to their authors.

                                              IV. Dates & Location



All Contest entries will be accepted until 1st May, 2019;
The Jury Panel evaluation will be completed by 1st  June, 2019;

Contest Photography Presentations and the Award Ceremony will be held at  Mažeikių museum   29th August, 2019;

The International Exhibition“The Reflections of Living Earth“ 2019 will be open until 27th September, 2019.



                                                V.  Awards


Under the decision of the Jury Panel the winners will be awarded Prizes and Diplomas of Mazeikiai District Municipality, the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers and other sponsors.



                                                 VI. Terms & Conditions


CD or DVD with photographs and all the necessary documents for the Contest should be mailed by 1st May, 2019 to Mažeikių  museum   (International Exhibition“The Reflections of Living Earth“).

Send to:  V.Burbos g.9, Mažeikiai LT-89218, Lietuva (Lithuania).


Please feel free to contact us for any information: Tel.: + 370 686 36435; + 370 698 37064;      email:,  


 By submitting  their photographs, the applicants agree to abide by the regulations of this Contest.


       Organizer  of the exhibition                                          Jonas Strazdauskas